Self and Duck ACEO

These ACEO cards are 3.5″ x 2.5″ watercolour and ink on heavy watercolour paper (acid free 140lb).

They come in a UV protective plastic sleeve.

They are drawings/paintings. Each is one of up to 26, each with a unique title (Alpha, Beta, etc) and is hand drawn. Although it’s unlikely I will now repeat these drawings in the same way!

Self Alpha

Enquire about this ACEO by email

200810_aceo self alpha

200810_aceo self alpha detail

Alpha Duck


200810_aceo alpha duck portrait

200810_aceo alpha duck portrait detail


  1. Lovely work, Rachel. I only now looked up what an ACEO card is – excellent, what a great idea. Do a lot of people trade these little gems? I suppose you would have to be in a community of folk who have them …

  2. Yes I believe they are very popular both to trade (as Artist Trading Cards or ATC’s) and to collect as bought ACEO’s.

    You’ll find various communities but also you’ll see a lot on sites like Etsy and ebay where anyone can start collecting them.

    It’s also a cheap way to get your hands on an original piece of art by an artist you like.

    ACEO’s can also be printed, be photographs, be decorated – even be made from wood and so on. There’s no rules except the size and that usually they are signed/titled on the back.

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