Nap Attack (Drawing)

I tried to nap yesterday afternoon as part of my changing routine. Only my cat, Flyman, decided to join forces and nap with me – or is that decided to interfere with my napping abilities?

20081113 nap attack

Ink and watercolour. A6 (approx 4″ x 6″).

The cat’s head turned out a funny shape. Mr Creative says Fly looks funny anyway so it doesn’t matter ;o)


  1. Hi Rachel – I know exactly what you mean. We have two cats and they circle each other vying for the prime positions once I try to nap or sleep. And on a hot night they still like to tuck in behind my knees or just sprawl on top … but it is good when we have all settled down!

  2. Rachel, you are a better woman than my battle worn self.

    Not only do you have to put up with Mr Creative next to you at night but Flyman prostrating himself all over you during a daytime nap? I admire you. Our two cats are so well behaved they could pass for German Shepherd dogs after intensive training in order to support the SAS. It’s pathetic and makes me (not often) feel quite guilty – what a kittenhood they must have had with me! In eight years they have never jumped on a kitchen counter or a dining room table; and whilst my bedroom door is ajar they wouldn’t dream of entering without written invitation; instead patiently lying outside the door waiting for me to surface, looking mournful when I do.

    It’s a cat’s dog life down here!


  3. Adam – Well it is sweet when everyone’s settled. That is until I try to reach for my cup of tea and there’s a objecting loud crackley meow!

    Ursula – Is it too late for you to whip Flyman into shape I wonder? He is quite set in his ways. Used to getting his own way in fact!

    I have had nights where I struggle to get off to sleep and have Mr Creative and Mr Flyman both snoring at either ends of the bed!

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