1. I’m just catching up here. Wow, you’re a busy bunny! Nice work, Rachel. I was quite stunned by the old vs. new scans. I have an Epson Perfection 636 that I’ve had for years. I think Epson is an excellenat product. I wonder how my scans compare to a newer model. The colour and the blacks are so much more vivid on your new scanner. I wish I had the cash for a great big Epson printer. After 3 trips back and forth from the photolab trying to get the colour right on the prints I am selling, I wish I had a home print set up. Maybe there will be some good Boxing Day sales…

    Anyway, your continued impressive creative output is inspiring!

  2. Thanks Donimo :o)

    I admire your efforts with the photolab! It’s so tricky. I want to do prints of paintings at some point and I wonder how the colours will turn out. I’m not sure I have the energy to back and fro!

    Whilst I’m blogging a lot of work it’s stuff that’s been done over the last month or more so it looks more impressive than it is. But I’m still pleased I managed to get that much done even if it’s slowed a little the last fortnight or so.

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