This is my Fuji Instax 200 Camera

This is my Fuji Instax 200 camera.

instax 200 - front

I always wanted an instant camera when I was a kid.  There’s something magical about seeing that photo develop in front of your eyes.

instax 200 - lens out

I wanted a polaroid but the news that polaroid instant film is going to be discontinued, plus the knock on effect this has had on the price of polaroid film, really put me off.  I like using Fuji film in my (other) low tech and toy cameras so thought why not give Fuji instant a go.

I bought this Instax 200 off ebay in the summer for £3. It came with it’s original case and some batteries (and a slightly musty smokey whiff).

instax 200 - back

It has buttons on the side for power, focus range, lighten/darken/normal and to switch flash on (which is automatic anyway in low light and can’t be turned off). Also an LCD display at the top shows how many photos left in the film pack and the settings.

instax 200 - side

It’s very plastic but solid. The viewfinder seems a bit out. The film packs are really environmentally unfriendly. But I love to see that photo developing from a white sheet to a colour photo before my eyes.  Plus it seems to make the world look like it’s the 1970’s again.

halogen heater with instax

Nothing really prepared me for how huge a camera this really is.  It’s almost as big as my head! And it’s not particularly light either so it’s not exactly the camera to take on a day trip without a bit of effort being put in!  Also it doesn’t exactly lend itself to discreet photography – between the size of it, the not being able to turn off the flash and the whirr of the rollers spitting out the photo from the top … well it’s not exactly subtle.

This action shot of taking a photo with the Instax 200 demonstrates the scale …

instax 200 - taking a photo with this huge camera

Here’s the photo developing, still in the top slot of the camera where it popped out …

instax 200 - with photo developing

And this is the photo itself, taken with the Instax 200 of … well my hand and the digital point and shoot on a tripod taking a photo of the Instax 200, taking a photo of … and so on.  You can see my arms are shorter than the required 90cm minimum focus range, or rather you can’t see because everything is blurred!

<20081124 instax of digital point and shoot

I feel a bit of a love hate relationship with this camera. I love the idea and the magic, but getting results (even toy camera, low tech results) may be a challenge.  It’s fun. But it’s heavy, bulky, slightly odd smelling, fun.

wooden floor with instax

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8 comments on “This is my Fuji Instax 200 Camera
  1. adam says:

    Lovely! I am sure you will get huge satisfaction with that! I want one too, as usual! A bit of fun in the process and, well, look forward to seeing the results.

  2. Hmmm – huge satisfaction seems a long way off ;o)

    But it’s so cool to see the photo developing it will keep calling me back!

  3. Robbie says:

    looking for something like this for Mum ! She is not into all the modern digital stuff & can’t find a regular film camera in my part of the world.
    notice you say £3 ?? Is it for sale in UK ? I am in Manchester next week so could look around — and solve the Christmas present problem in one go !

  4. Robbie

    It was second hand off ebay. Lots come up on uk ebay.

  5. karl says:

    i love/hate this camera too. i contacted fuji about not being able to turn off the flash and they said i was the first to complain about that (that can’t be true). its such an obvious flaw i can’t figure why a camera company couldn’t see that?

  6. sasha quarrington says:

    hey sorry but this camera…
    does it take 35mm film ?! like this one off ebay…
    Polaroid HD 200 35mm Films 12 rolls x 36 exposure (URL is : )


  7. Leigh Barron says:

    Hi Rachel,
    just bought one of these myself and wasted 8 pics so far because the viewfinder seems completely out! have you mastered yours yet? any tips?
    Many thanks

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