Advent Calendar (Drawings)

Just for fun I’ve drawn an advent calendar for December and the countdown
to Christmas Day:




























Open one picture a day in the countdown to Christmas.

Or if you’re really impatient see all 25 days at once with the full advent calendar.

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44 comments on “Advent Calendar (Drawings)
  1. Mikki says:

    Rachel that’s just genius! Can I order one for next year please!?

  2. ashysheela says:

    number one is great! great idea 🙂

  3. Ursula says:

    December 1st

    Rachel – I love it. Particularly those ears sticking out – such joy to be found in small detail.

    Since we all have a playful child inside us I shall patiently open a window a day. Something to to look forward to.

    Happy advent,

  4. Christ says:

    This is so sweet and very clever. I can’t figure out how you’ve embedded a table into the post but I’m not all that sharp at this sort of thing. I do like to take things apart to try and see how they work though (note to self: This doesn’t work with pets, remember?

    One window a day, I promise.

  5. Ursula says:

    December 2nd

    By golly, that waddling penguin is on a mission. If ever there was determination in a face and a stride (bracing himself for a spot of Christmas shopping?) And so stylish: How often do you see a Penguin clad in blue?


  6. I’m so pleased it’s bringing some enjoyment :o)

    I made the windows a little larger today and I’ll try to reveal the hidden pictures once the day has passed.

    As for tables, CA, I just made a table in my html editor and pasted it into the html page of the post and it worked. It didn’t used to but this time it did! Which was a relief :o)

    I can promise penguins, polar bears, my tubby cat and snowmen still to come!

  7. ashysheela says:

    can’t wait for each new day!

  8. Paul Groves says:

    Next year can we have chocolate too?

  9. Rachel M says:

    I love this, too. 😀
    Hmmmm….. Chocolate…

  10. Christ says:

    December 3rd.

    I’m glad he’s got that scarf on to keep him warm … Oh.

    Let’s hope the Horse With No Name doesn’t notice his nose!

  11. I’m not sure how practical it is to send everyone who looks at a day a chocolate Paul. Feel free to treat yourself (and me) if you like?

    Good point about old carrot nose. Horse With No Name would surely thunder across the screen if he gets a whiff.

    Which brings me to Paul’s favourite seasonal joke …

    Two snowmen standing in a field. One says to the other “Can you smell carrot?”.

  12. Paul Groves says:

    Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh…you told the Snowman joke…heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh…I really like that joke…heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh…

  13. ashysheela says:

    ho ho ho we are laughing up north too!

  14. Mikki says:

    Or the slightly more obscure and non-christmassy version – Two parrots sitting on a perch. One says to the other “can you smell fish”.

    Heh heh. Probably.

    Are you going to have another virtual Xmas party again? Please can you avoid the 18th – it’s our works do. Mind you I will have a party frock on, ready.

  15. It took me 4 attempts to get that joke Mikki – and then only once I read it out loud. Arf arf.

    Not sure about a virtual xmas party this year as I haven’t organised any party games. But if I do it deffo won’t be the 18th as Paul has an office “away” thing with xmas do 17th/18th so I will be living it up at me mothers.

    Does anyone want really want a virtual party this year?

  16. Christ says:

    Re: Mikki’s gag.

    In the manner of Gobbler from When The Wind, sorry, Whistle, Blows: I don’t get it!

    I am really slow today I guess.

    December 4th: It’s the Angel of the North (Pole)!

  17. Ursula says:

    Christ (I’ve always wanted to address someone with that name), let me give you a leg up: Think perch as in “freshwater fish with a spiny fin on its back”.

    Rachel, I am intrigued and excited: I have never been to a virtual Christmas party. Maybe we could all contribute something (Paul can provide the crudities, Christ could walk the water and Mikki will get two dead parrots to talk to each other).


  18. Apologies for any loss of pictures yesterday and possibly earlier. My web site was down due to hardware failure of my hosts.

    As for a virtual xmas party this year I’ll have a cast around and see if there’s a more … dynamic way to host it this year.

    I’m not sure who would be providing the comedy though Ursula ;o)

  19. Ursula says:

    Dec 7th

    Rachel, Now look what you’ve done! Losing one’s nose is bad enough; but you clearly had had run out of carrots and stuck a PARSNIP in instead. No wonder the poor fellow looks doubly aggrieved.


  20. Ursula says:

    Dec 8th

    Oh Rachel, that is so sweet!

    Big hug

  21. ashysheela says:

    dec 9th, is that flyman you wrapped up?

  22. Um … yes it is Flyman wrapped up. Any takers?

  23. ashysheela says:

    ahh, i’d take him in in a second if it was not for Jodie… they would torment each other i think! He is so gorgeous! You would miss him too much!

  24. Mikki says:

    That’s never Flyman. Unless he’s wearing some kind of slimming bodystocking.

  25. I am a very proficient wrapper me.

    Flyman’s true tubby figure is illustrated later in the week. No peeking! ;o)

  26. Ursula says:

    Dec 12th

    Well, Rachel, I am in no hurry to meet your burlesque dancer in a dark alley any time soon. What’s eating him? Still got to order the organic turkey (make that goose in this house)?

    It’s quite an education for me how much can be conveyed with very few strokes of a pencil or a brush. I fully expect window 25 to explode in my face. Hope you have third party insurance.

    Half way there,

  27. You can usually hear those delicate paws coming towards you. Will Dec 12th strengthen my request to buy the cat an outfit for Christmas? Possibly not.

    I’m more concerned about insuring against woeful disappointment on Christmas morning. Better get some sherry just in case.

  28. ashysheela says:

    delicate paws… woeful disappointment! heheh! you are making me laugh!

    I cannot believe how time is flying – i think i am coming here everyday then realise it was two days ago that i last came! If it wasn’t for you i would have no clue what the date was!!! let’s hope i remember on xmas day to come have a look-see!

  29. Ursula says:

    That’s the spirit, old girl. May I recommend dry ‘Fino’ rather than sweet ‘Oloroso’. Don’t forget to chill (the fino, that is).


  30. Paul Groves says:

    I want the 12th blown up to poster size 🙂

    Of course, Flyman usually looks that grumpy and annoyed anyway without being dressed up as the Christmas fairy.

  31. I’m not sure I should relied upon for the date Ashy. But the days in December do seem to fly by.

    Sweet is more my thing. Can I have some of the sweet stuff Ursula? I know I’m a pleb.

    Why have a poster boy when you have 24 hour access to the real life grumpy version. We could always dress up Flyman and stick him to the wall (in a loctite-glue-on-clothing kind of way rather than a call-the-RSPCA kind of a way).

  32. Ursula says:

    Sweetness will be yours, Rachel.

    14th Dec – It’s amazing how little it takes to make even a snowman look stupid. Judging by direction of his nose the barometer is falling.


  33. Wait until you see him tomorrow! (The 15th is my least favourite drawing on the calendar).

    At least he’ll be warm. Oh …

  34. Ursula says:

    15 Dec

    Rachel, whether your favourite or least: That snout and the bit of broccoli between the eyebrows make me smile. Possibly the last Irish pig still standing; looking so pleased with itself having escaped the curse of dioxin sporting a dashing outfit instead.

    What an intelligent disguise – for the time being.


  35. Well it was supposed to be our snowman with a beetroot for a nose. Difficult to convey a snowman when all you have is white snow and few features to play with.

    Ah well. Tomorrow’s is much better. And my favourite is still to come too :o)

  36. Christ says:

    December 16th: He’s had a few mince pies, ain’t he? Loving his knobbly legs.

    I’ve been opening the little doors every day. It’s great fun and cheers me every time.

    Btw, thank you Ursula for explaining the fishy joke. It’s really quite clever, which is probably why I didn’t get it.

  37. You didn’t think that when children leave mince pies out that Father Christmas really eats all of them by himself?

    I’m so pleased you’re enjoying ‘opening’ the doors.

  38. Donimo says:

    This is so beautiful! I haven’t been online a lot lately (I’m still at the freakin’ hotel), but finding this gem makes me glad I stopped by.

  39. Thank you Donimo :o) Just been reading your blog. Hope you get back into your place on schedule.

  40. Ursula says:

    Rachel, 18 Dec – The frightful burlesque of Dec 12 has become a softie bearing a precious gift. Will he let go of it though?

    Dec 22 – The happy couple doesn’t look as if it needs mistletoe in order to kiss.

    Dec 24 – Rachel, I hope YOUR Santa won’t get stuck in chimney; but then I suppose you will have laid in generous supplies of Oloroso to be able to cope with worst case scenario.

    My dear Rachel, thank you: Your advent calendar has been a daily early morning pleasure for me. One of the most precious gifts you can give to anyone: Bringing a smile to a face.

    Wishing you and Mr Creative a very merry Christmas. I take it Flyman will get an extra sardine on the occasion?


  41. Thank you Ursula. It’s wonderful that it made it you smile.

    A very merry christmas to you and yours. Despite the drawing for 18th Flyman is not a big fish lover (we sometimes think he is more dog than cat). He’d rather have a bowl of Heinz tomato soup.

  42. cinderkeys says:

    Very cool.

    My sister makes print calendars on her Mac using family photos. Would be neat if you could do the same using your artwork. I’d buy one. 🙂

  43. Thanks. Something to look at for next year I think :o)

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