My Friday in Birmingham

Paul took me into Birmingham (UK) on Friday and we attended the Social Media Cafe.  I don’t have any photos from there.  But I did take some later.

20081128 lunch at handmade burger birmingham

We had lunch at the Handmade Burger Company and it was absolutely delicious! They do chicken, vegetarian and fish burgers as well as beef so I was well catered for.  I definately want to go back. I wish would deliver to my house!

20081128 holga has a trip out to birmingham

Paul took me around the German Market in my wheelchair and I took a roll of film on my Holga camera. That film is destined for a double exposure film swap – more on that another time.

20081128 blue badge

I used my Blue Badge (disabled parking permit) for the first time and I was glad we had it! it made the trip out so much easier than it has been previously.

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2 comments on “My Friday in Birmingham
  1. Christ says:

    I keep staring at your sentence about handmade burgers and a puddle of drool is collecting on my desk.

    Their glasses are nice and chunky. I had no idea Brum has a German market. Now I’m thinking about all those wonderful sausages …

  2. Oh but the burgers were yummy.

    The German Market is a christmas thing. The food and drink stalls are definately the highlight :o)

    Drool …

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