About Determination & Attitude – For Beth

For Beth

A (sort of) photo essay taken yesterday about determination in the face of illness and debilitation.


A stack of my sketchbooks – all used.  These are my A6 sketchbooks from the last 18 months.  I have one of these with me pretty much all the time.  When I can’t create any other way I can move a pen on the paper.

Proof of determination. A symbol of me keeping on with keeping on.

20081201 stack of sketchbooks

Here’s 4 canvases in their box waiting to be painted on. Larger than the canvas I have been using I am determined I WILL paint on them.  Somehow I will.

20081201 the canvas i will use

A groggy self portrait with the clutter and mess of my studio behind me. Looks like a load of junk but everything has a job and is a part of some creative process – be it for cameras or for painting.

20081201 self with studio mess

If you click on this photo you can see it on Flickr complete with notes of what’s on the table behind me.

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  1. hello Rachel you do look a bit groggy, i think i look about the same at the moment. your work is amazing, so good, i like your humour and admire your abilities. your work cheers me every time.

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