Yuletide Greetings (Cut Up Poem)

Yuletide Greetings

This holiday
“Why didn’t they ask you back?”
You’ll wish you didn’t ask

To give references
With letters in hand
Guarantee arrival by
Christmas Express
The satisfaction of thinking
That Scrooge has
One of the best things
Going home with me
Back to bed



This poem is a cut-up from searching on clusty the search engine.

It started with the title, where a phrase was taken from the search results to make line 1 of the poem. Then line 1 was used as the search term to find another phrase from those results to make line 2. And so on.  Then each line was cut down further.

One of the lines even comes from Dicken’s Christmas Carol – how serendipitous!


  1. This is brilliant. Minimal and yet so evocative and rich with interpretations. Perhaps one day you’ll have enough of these to make a little book. Beautiful, touching poems that write themselves … Amazing.

    You guys are gay! Haha, remember that?

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