Ful Vue – Winding On Without Seeing Frame Numbers

I got asked by Kirrilee how may resolutions of the winding knob it takes to wind on each frame using a Ful Vue II camera.

The first thing is to check that you’re not missing how to see the film numbers.

The Ful Vue has a little cover which rotates on front of the film window to protect the paper backed film from unwanted exposure to bright light.

So on the back of the camera is a little round window with a knob above it. If you rotate that knob anti clockwise it should open and let you see the film through the red window.

It seems the red plastic cover of that film window is quite delicate though and it breaks especially with the age of this camera.  If the red plastic is broken you will probably need to tape it up the opening with gaffer tape or similar to stop the light runing your film. In which case you can’t see the numbers to roll the film on.

So I’ve run a film through and noted the resolutions of the film winding knob.

It’s slightly different for each frame as the spools get fatter or slimmer.

Here’s how mine ran exactly on a little chart. This is based on using a modern plastic spool in the supply and an old metal spool in the take up:


Sorry the diagrams are little dodgey in their drawing but I thought it was easier to try and show how far the knob needs winding on than try and describe it. So to go from the 1st frame to the second it’s one full turn of the knob plus the black section on the diagram (in this case about a third).  The turns required get less as the film winds on as the take up roll gets fatter.

If you wanted an easy option I would say do 1 and a half turns between frames – but you may only get 8 or 10 shots from a film.

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