Neigh Lad (Painting)

Clip clop, clip clop … and ‘whoa there’ for a groan at this latest painting title …

“Neigh Lad” our horse friend seems to be smiling despite the pun.

For sale via my website

neigh lad

Acrylic on deep canvas approx 20cm x 20cm

He’s no race horse! Our rather round horsey friend surrounded by bright blue is ready to hang on your wall.

neigh lad - facing right

neigh lad - facing left

neigh lad - from below


  1. Well, Rachel, I don’t know how many mince pies you have had over Christmas period (OH MY GOD – I’ve just realised I am moving in wrong circles: I haven’t even had one! Will make up for this omission next time) but your happy and content horse either doesn’t know the archangel Gabriel has visited her or that she has had one bail of hay too many.

    It’s getting worse. Just realised that your horse is a ‘he’.


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