1. Rachel, I remember once running like crazy along the corridors of The Louvre trying to find the damn picture because I didn’t want to leave Paris on my first visit without having seen the Mona Lisa – had a plane to catch.

    I think your likeness rather striking. Though on the whole, correct me if I am wrong, you don’t seem to like noses on your human faces.


  2. I went to have a look at it too. The painting was much smaller than expected. I know everyone says that. It was also very far away, because I was stood at the back of a large crowd that seemed permanently stationed in front of it. I went and admired some Egyptian booty (that’s treasure, not … well, you know) and returned to the girl with the ambiguous grin. Still 50 people gathered around! I could have pushed my way to the front but it didn’t seem worth it somehow. Tourists, huh!

    Noses! Er, I’ll say no more, except without a mouth she would be commonly known as the woman with the enigmatic absence of a mouth, which is kind of Dadaist and weird.

    I hope Doodling The Classics is, as they, one in an occasional series. I’d love to see more of these.

  3. I’ve never seen it in real life or even been to the Louvre. Musee D’Orsay is more my kind of gallery. I could spend days and days in there.

    Wonderful link to re-imagined Monas! Thanks for that. Some great paintings.

    I thought I might do a series. In fact I’ve done another tonight which I’ll post at some point. But would it better renamed as Doodling The Masters or just Doodling Other People’s Paintings.

    I doodled this, a Klimt, in 2007 and thought maybe it was an idea to explore.

    We’ll see!

  4. Dear Rachel,

    My name is Erin and I live in Chicago, IL. I am a graphic designer and one of my current clients is a framer that has invented a special magnetic frame for children’s art.

    I’ve come up with a few marketing ideas, including comparing a child’s work to Picasso or the Mona Lisa, and how a child’s art does not belong on the refrigerator. To present my ideas I looked online for a placeholder illustration of Mona Lisa so I could show him what I had in mind. I found your painting and it works very well for how we would like to market his frame idea.

    His marketing area includes only a few suburbs west of Chicago and not nationwide or even statewide.

    I was wondering what you would charge for us to use your illustration on an 8.5″x11″ flyer and a 3″x8.5″ flyer. I would be more than happy to email you a PDF of our ideas. We downloaded your painting from Google images ‘for position only’ but don’t want to use it for print without consent from you.

    I know this is a strange request and we understand if you’re feeling hesitant. Please feel free to write me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you for your time.


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