First Results from Ensign Ful Vue II (Photography)

Ful Vue ii - 1

Ensign Ful Vue II

Finally finished the first film through my Ensign Ful Vue II. 

I seem to have established that although the focus is variable, courtesy of a focus rin on the lens with 3 fixed position, the focus distance is a little out.  So a lot of these are blurred being about a foot out.

ensign ful vue 001 - bracken


ensign ful vue 003 - cannock chase

Tarmac road through Cannock Chase

ensign ful vue 002 - pine trees

Trees at the roadside on Cannock Chase

ensign ful vue 004 - patio under table

Under the table on the patio

ensign ful vue 005 - lavender out of focus

Blurred lavender

ensign ful vue 006 - back of the house

Back of the house

ensign ful vue 007 - ivy on garage

Ivy on garage - blurred

ensign ful vue 008 - fuzzy flyman

Fuzzy Flyman

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4 comments on “First Results from Ensign Ful Vue II (Photography)
  1. adam says:

    Nice work, these are so interesting. I envy you, mucking around with these things. But I have a few old-ish cameras myself, bought some film recently, so, when this damn hot weather eases off, I’m going to have a trip to Sydney and do some street photography, which I long to do after all the beaches, lakes and hills around here!

    I like the trees-on-the-roadside and of course the cat, who cannot enjoy seeing cats in their various poses, so full of character.

    Thanks for showing us these!

  2. greenwords says:

    I really like the one of the back of the house.

  3. lofipenguin says:

    the first three are amazing. the blur seems to work well for them espacially the first one. whata wierd looking camera though.

  4. Ursula says:

    Rachel, since I am shortsighted I can’t say that I am fond of blurring (try and find your glasses/contact lenses when you can’t see anything).

    However, your tarmac road is right up my street. As you know, I love driving, at speed.

    Looking at the back of your house: Rachel, and do bring Mr Creative, you’d feel instantly at home here.


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