Instant Snow (Photography)

I’ve been wanting to take some outdoor scenic photos with my Fuji Instax 200 but it’s such a huge camera to carry around.  I’m keen to see what it’s like in natural light with a good vista.

I got one step closer today venturing into the garden where some snow still remains.

Seems it doesn’t cope too well with high contrast. Starting to think this camera is going to be a lot of hard work to find any magic in (other than watching the photos develop which I love of course).

instant snow

snow garden instant

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2 comments on “Instant Snow (Photography)
  1. adam says:

    oooo that’s a pain, what a bummer. but this is maybe an extreme situation? you might get a load of fun out of it in other circumstances …

  2. Kevin says:

    Snow scenes are tricky with any camera, let alone a simple one like the Instax. The camera has a light meter that sets the exposure automatically, and in the Instax the aperture is fixed, so only the shutter speed is changed.

    All camera light meters are designed to expose “average” scenes correctly, so if you point it at a scene that is mostly a lot brighter than average, like snow or a sunlit beach, it will try to make everything into an average mid-grey and so you get under exposure like these examples. Conversely, if you point at something that is mostly darker than mid-grey, the camera overexposes and your subject looks lighter than it should. Real world examples of approximately mid-grey objects are grass, weathered concrete or paving slabs.

    The controls on these cameras are limited, but you should have a switch marked Darker and Lighter. In snow you want to fool the camera into giving more exposure than the meter thinks is needed, so you set that switch to the Lighter position. It isn’t very precise, but it’s worth a try.

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