Remastered: The Persistence of Memory by Dali (Melting Clocks)

Remastered by doodle Dali’s The Peristence of Memory (the one with the melting watches).

I had a request from Petal47 to try some Dali in my drawing of masters and classic paintings for this “remastered” series.

Apologies that the paper on this scan is a little bit creased.

Here it is drawn in ink with watercolour. A6 – approx 6″ x 4″.

the persistence of memory by dali

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10 comments on “Remastered: The Persistence of Memory by Dali (Melting Clocks)
  1. Ursula says:

    What can I say, Rachel? You most certainly have RE-mastered those deflated clocks. Whom the bell tolls – and all that. Dali was big when I was a certain age – particularly amongst my artistically inclined and mind-enhanced friends. However, that particular painting I always circled like the proverbial cat does a poisoned offering. It doesn’t meet my natural state of buoyancy (what a word!). And no, I don’t wear a watch – haven’t done so for years. Great conversation opener with complete strangers: “Do you have the time, please?”


  2. cinderkeys says:

    I used to answer “Do you know what time it is” with “Yes.” Then I’d see how long it took for them to look confused. 🙂

    This is a fun piece. 🙂

  3. Ursula says:

    Well, Cinderkeys, I think you quite cruel. Wait till you need to know what time it is, and then you’ll be late …


  4. Mostly I don’t even know what day (or month) it is – let alone what the time is!

  5. Mikki says:

    It’s quarter to two.
    Pleased to be of help!

  6. petal47 says:

    Thank you Rachel – I love the colours, I think it would be really striking converted into cross stitch and sewn on smooth linen. The blue and yellow are particularly good to look at. And I like the idea of re-imagining an imagined image, it’s kind of meta-imagined.

  7. Ooooh meta-imagined … that’s deep :o)

    I saw a short piece on Picasso on the TV last night and how he painted versions of a (I think it was Manet) painting over and over again. Through the years he painted loads. So maybe I’m onto something ;o)

  8. Petal says:

    Would you mind if I posted this meta-Dali on my blog, with a link to you? I do think it’s lovely.

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