Delicate Bloom – Holga (Photography)

delicate blooms
See this large

Taken using a close up filter +4 on a Holga camera.

Using Fuji Neopan C41, black and white 120 film using a normal photo lab colour process.

Taken Autumn 2008.

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5 comments on “Delicate Bloom – Holga (Photography)
  1. Ursula says:

    The bloom is lovely, such a delicate moment.


  2. Nina Bunin says:

    This one turned out beautifully. What great manipulation of depth of field…….I thought you couldn’t do that on a Holga?

  3. Donimo says:

    I always like the Holga shots: they are so other worldly. Nice DOF and that bit of white on the end is lovely. There’s hope, yeah, things are breaking through all that snow!

  4. Mikki says:

    now that’s a nice shot!

  5. Thanks everyone. I’m quite pleased it turned out the way it did.

    The depth of field is because I used a close up filter on the lens. So the filter has quite a shallow depth of field. There was about 4 feet between the blooms and the ground.

    It’s a bit tricky because unlike a SLR you can’t see what the lens is seeing so there’s a bit of guesswork, a spot of calculating and a dash of luck involved.

    But as the Holga usually can only focus about 1 metre in front it opens up new possibilities.

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