Lovestruck (Painting)

Lovestruck – acrylic on box canvas approx 20cm x 20cm.

A squarehead person with a gold heart motif on their red shirt.



lovestruck - facing right

I experimented with capturing the process of painting this using video and stills.  There was a lot of footage! I condensed it into a three and a half minute video which shows the process and progress of the piece. 

This video gives a taste of how one of my small canvas comes together.

I learnt quite a bit by scrutinising the process and seeing my mistakes on video!

But I think it turned out pretty good in the end.

I hope the recipient agrees as this is being given as a gift.

 lovestruck - from below


  1. Love this! and you know how to edit video — I’m envious:-) I especially like the background w the 2 blues. And its SOLD!!!!

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