Tortie – A Work in Progress – Photos #4 (Painting)

Work in progress.

“Tortie” a commission painting. Acrylic on canvas 60cm x 60cm.

Looked like this at the end of the last session:

tortie WIP 13

Adding third glazed layer to background. A lighter turqoise here on the lower half on the canvas.

I use quite a fast, almost dry brush technique with the glaze. I was worried about my brush scrubbing over such a large area but it survived just fine.

tortie WIP 14

Third glaze on background finished now looking softer with lots of texture. Not sure if there will be a further layer on the background yet.

tortie WIP 15

Starting to paint back in lines in Paynes Grey as well as repair that piece of shell above the head.

tortie WIP 16

More lines painted in, more work on the shell repair above the head and adding a little colour to the tortoise’s cheek.

tortie WIP 17

This is the tricky phase where I usually think it’s all going wrong and mutter about not liking it.  But it will come good in the end. 

A break from painting will help so I can come back to it fresh.

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One comment on “Tortie – A Work in Progress – Photos #4 (Painting)
  1. Nina says:

    He’s looking splendorific!

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