Red Nose Day 2009

Just bought my digital red nose for Comic Relief Red Nose Day 2009 from

They have a feature to let you add a red nose to your photo BUT I added mine in Photoshop so I could play around with it a bit better. But I paid my £1 to wear it.

Buy yours from

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7 comments on “Red Nose Day 2009
  1. Ursula says:

    Yeah, well done, Rachel. This is a difficult one: Do I say that it suits you and you’ll kill me or do I say it doesn’t suit you (though it does) and you’ll still kill me?


  2. Nina says:


  3. Donimo says:

    What a great fundraising campaign! I can’t wait till the Comic Relief TV show featuring Catherine Tate and LB gets posted to Youtube. Doing something funny to raise money, that’s a helluva idea.

    I like yer nose. And, BTW, I like your new asymmetrical hairdo! It’s youthful.

  4. Donimo – Thanks I think I may be regressing back to a teenager!

  5. Mikki says:

    That’s a very serious look for a person sporting a red nose…

  6. ashysheela says:

    it’s also better than all those plastic noses worn for 5 minutes then gathering in landfill…

  7. rachel says:

    You wear it well!

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