Meerkats, Penguins & Leopard Snapshots

Had a trip to Twycross Zoo yesterday in search of a different day out and perhaps some creature inspiration.  Took some snapshots and here’s some of my favorites.

Meerkat family:

meerkat family

Young meerkat:

young meerkat

Amur leopard through glass:

amur leopard

Penguin swimming:

penguin swimming : side on

Penguin rear end:

penguin swimming : bottom

I took a few with my action sampler and Holga too but have not got the films developed yet.

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6 comments on “Meerkats, Penguins & Leopard Snapshots
  1. alvason says:

    Nice work, Rachel

  2. ashysheela says:

    beautiful leopard… glad you made it out and hope it inspires you creatively!

  3. Mikki says:

    I bet those meerkats would make top-notch Rachel Originals….

  4. Am loving the meerkats, glad you had a nice day out helps keep us sane – ish 🙂

  5. Seb says:

    OMG! Penguins and Meerkats, those are some of my favorite creatures in the world! Are you familiar with sifaka lemurs? Here is a fun video I discovered the other day:

  6. Wow! Great bit of leaping from those lemurs. Funny faces too.

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