4am Project (Photography)

So it’s the 4th day of the 4th month and I find myself on the streets of my local city at 4am taking photographs. Why? For the 4am Project.

Karen Strunks, a photographer, has been taking photos on the streets of Birmingham UK at 4am for some time.  Places usually full of cars and people are eerily empty at 4am. 

She set up the 4am Project to encourage people from around the world to share what their view looks like at 4am.  So I just had to get my camera and get out there.

Here is my town – Lichfield, Staffordshire in central England – between 04:00 and 04:59

lichfield 4am project - minster pool

lichfield 4am project - market square

lichfield 4am project - city train station

lichfield 4am project - dam street lichfield 4am project - conduit street
lichfield 4am project - birmingham road traffic lights lichfield 4am project - beacon streetlichfield 4am project - bus station lichfield 4am project - precinct lichfield 4am project - to bore street lichfield 4am project - car park

Finally here’s me and my assistant Mr Creative at 05:02 just after the Catherdal bells rang in the close of the 4am session.

lichfield 4am project - the crew

Mr Creative has blogged about the early morning ghosts in the city.

It was a great experience being out on familiar streets at that time of day when they have a very different atmosphere.  We saw a few drunken stragglers (from a club that is open until 4am), a handful of taxi’s, a police car doing routine patrols around the city, a milkman and a few people on their way to work.  The local bakers were busy baking but the shop was in darkness.  Many of the ducks were swimming on Minster Pool and just about everyone else was still tucked in bed.

I’m really tired now having woken at 03:30am and will need a lazy couple of days to recover.  But it was brilliant to take part in 4am Project and to represent my city alongside photos from around the UK, Singapore, China, Australia, Ireland, Hungary, Portugal and many more.

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9 comments on “4am Project (Photography)
  1. Tim J says:

    I prticularly like the shot of the precinct. What sort of exposures did you have to use?

    I wish I’d thought of going outside to take some photos the other night—at 2 am my mind was full of all the ideas for a blog post rather than ready for sleep, so I started writing it and finished around 4:15 am, meaning I was already up and could have taken a few photos.

    • Ummm … 200 iso
      f11 @ 6 seconds (I think)

      Ah never mind. @karenstrunks (who organised the project) regularly takes photos at 4am. There will be other opportunities – although I hope you get sleep when you need it!

      • Tim J says:

        I was relieved to see from the photos that it’s still dark at 4am! By the middle of summer it won’t be, I think. (I’m not sure how early sunrise gets though.)

        Sleep when needed would be good. So far (46 years) I’ve not achieved it, but you never know!

  2. ninacolors says:

    Must be some universal thing going on. I was up at the same time (well, US time) and couldn’ t sleep so I was painting! Maybe we need to start a “sometimes night owls” aritsts group on facebook!

    • I planned this sleep deprivation. I even set my alarm so I could take part in the project!

      Glad to hear you were painting. A very good use of your time.

    • Tim J says:

      I did check very carefully next day that what I’d written wasn’t gibberish 😉 And I’ve been extremely sleepy for a couple of days since. But it came out well. I think I was just in the mood for writing.

      Never mind a Facebook group, we need a political party to stand up against the evil bright-and-breezy-in-the-morning oppressor. 😉 Especially the ones who sing jolly songs while eating a hearty breakfast, etc . . .

  3. What a good idea (it would be particularly good for me as 4 am is often the time I wake, and my least favourite time of the day. I would be good to do something creative with the darkest hour before the dawn! A 4 am drawing maybe).

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