My ME Life

My Life With ME/CFS

I draw … Avec Stylo 

I paint … 19jul2007_one_day

 I wait …  Vacant

I lost my job … 14may2007_work_absence  

I found myself …  ME and CFS 

I keep trying … 14oct2007_cleaning_cfs_style

I ache … Another Day With Pain

I struggle …  Heavy 


I’m always ill …


I have to rely on others …  Sandy Wheels 

… but I know I’m loved …2007_first_wedding_anniversary

I stay in touch …

I maintain hope …looking forward 

I’m happy although fighting the fight of my life …  Half and Half 


ME/CFS AwarenessMore words from my 2007 ME/CFS and 2008 ME/CFS blog posts.

Read more posts from other bloggers for International ME/CFS Awareness 2009 on


  1. Rachel, your drawings often don’t make for comfortable viewing, yet they (and your captions) are most compelling and, in their seeming simplicity, hit the nail on its aching and tired head – and, let’s hope, kick the message home.

    I admire you.


  2. So nice and accessible for brain fogginess but with no less impact for less words – well done! I should learn from you 😉

  3. Dear Rachel, what a lovely series of paintings. You tell it how it is. All power to yer elbow – or should that be paintbrush? 😉 Hugs from dampish Bwlchtocyn, Maggie

  4. I love these. My favorite one is the being in bed with the lock. And the word heavy. I can’t tell you much I can relate to that.

    My thoughts and prayers go to you, keep on truckity trucking! Remember to eat your spinach 🙂

  5. Rachel,

    I just found you via a Follow Friday tweet from @Runefox (and I just followed you on twitter). Your artwork is beautiful. Having multiple chronic illnesses myself, I could really relate to the content of it too.


  6. I loved the way you expressed your feelings via these pictures. I tried with words, but I always have mixed feelings about voicing my opinion.

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