Sloth – Work in Progress #5 (Painting)

 Work in progress on the sloth painting (a commission for @theaardvark)

Acrylic on box canvas 40cm square.

So here’s how it looked last time:

work in progress 20090507 sloth F

More work done on the face:

work in progress 20090518 sloth G
see large

Second layer on the background – a glaze of purple bringing in a more blue tone than the first layer which was magenta:

work in progress 20090518 sloth H
see large

A third layer with the purple glaze this time toned down a little:

work in progress 20090518 sloth I
see large

Unusually a fourth background layer – a slightly more magenta purple toned down again and with a light dry brush application:

work in progress 20090518 sloth J
see large

Thinking the background may need to go more magenta to balance better.  But will sleep on it and look at it fresh the next session.  Not quite sure how that’s going to work out but it needs to be right.

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One comment on “Sloth – Work in Progress #5 (Painting)
  1. Ursula says:

    Rachel, never mind magenta: It’s nothing to the lay(wo)man; though shall consult Felix on the matter. However, as works in progress go, please do consider me as your model in waiting with regards to sloth (I always appear busy with little to show for it – talk about inverse return).

    Looking at your sloth, he/she seems to expend an awful lot of pained energy just hanging off that branch, ever so nonchalantly.


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