Action Sampler Photographs

This is my Action Sampler camera – now sadly broken after running just 2 films through it (I tried to “fix it” – oh well!).

Sports 35 Action Sampler

sports 35 action sampler - 2 by you.

The camera has 4 lenses which fire sequentially to make 4 images, split seconds apart, on one 135 film frame.

The first film had lots of cat “action” shots and my husband running around the garden on my request.  Also a few images from a wheelie walk around Birmingham city centre one grey afternoon.

Football Kick

football kick

He Shoots He Scores

he shoots he scores

Kitty Tummy Action

kitty tummy action


Urban Walk

urban walk

The second film came from a stash of expired 135 film given to me by friends after moving house and discovering lots of film along with cameras.  The first film from the batch I used in my Action Sampler turned out to already have a set of pictures on it from many years ago.  So I got some interesting double exposures.

Penguin Sky Grass

penguin sky grass by you.

Lazy Running

lazing running by you.

Cat on Skyline

cat on skyline by you.

Prehistoric Giraffes

prehistoric giraffes by you.

Ugland Giraffes

ugland giraffes by you.

Zoo Rollercoaster

zoo rollercoaster by you.

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7 comments on “Action Sampler Photographs
  1. alvason says:

    Busted? What a bummer! Have you seen this one?


    • Oh yes – so pretty! But the photos it takes are nothing special. All the quirkiness appears to be in the design not the function unfortunately. Which is such a shame because they look so good!

  2. Seb says:

    Whaaaa, those double exposures are trippy!

    Never seen one of those action cameras, looks like fun.

  3. theaardvark says:

    What’s broken on it? Is it fixable?

    • I forgot you’re Mr Fixit now 🙂 It was a very specific spring – wider at one end than the other, both ends hooking over alitle plastic tab. I tried to salvage it but couldn’t hook it back on without knackering the coil. I fugured that combined with trying to find exactly the right spring I was never going to fix it and wrote it off.

  4. milo says:

    hi. I just got myself the same action sampler that u have.
    Apparently, when I snap pictures, the indicator at the bottom of the camera is not moving at all.
    Does this mean the camera is broken?

    • Hi Milo

      If you are able to wind the film on then it is probably just the counter that is broken. Just keep clicking and winding on until you can no longer wind it on. Remember to rewind it before you open it up though!

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