IMPS Motorcycle Display Team (Drawings)

Drawings from a letter (and envelope) to a friend. Actually the drawings were the letter.

200905-imps-motorcycle-display-team-envelope w

These are the two parts of the display I managed to see from the IMPS Motorcycle Display Team at Lichfield Bower 2009.  The parts that were above the heads of the crowd (me in the wheelchair being able to see pretty much nothing from the arena otherwise).

200905-imps-motorcycle-display-team-pyramid w

200905-imps-motorcycle-display-team-jump w

All the riders were aged between 5 and 16 years old and their discipline was even more spectular than their stunt skills.

“The Imps youth motorcycle display team is part of The Impstart Trust, a charitable organisation founded to help disadvantaged children by teaching them skills and discipline to take them through life.”

I wish I’d found their site before I did the drawings and I would have remembered to draw in their belts.  My drawings were from memory alone.

The two main drawings are around A4 in size in ink and watercolour.


  1. What wonderful drawings. You really have captured our Imps. Please contact me as I was sorry to hear that you couldn’t see the Imps so perhaps we could send you our magazine and photos.

    Once again congratulations on the drawings.
    ps your heading should read ‘Display’ team x

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