Extracts from a Drawn Letter 11 June 2009

Extracts from a drawn letter. Ink and watercolour. Written/drawn 11 June 2009.

The real letter was handwritten alongside the drawing. The text on these scanned images explains a little about the drawings for public viewing.

20090611 letter extracts p1

When I was little
I thought that
a tiny man
was kept
in our

I had a white fur bonnet
with pom poms on
that I really hated
but I probably
looked very

20090611 letter extracts p2

Most of the week I’ve looked
like this with my hood up
and my energy low.
Not as a nun.

the hood helps
my head not throb.
Mostly, it hides my hair.

20090611 letter extracts p3

My husband might
take me cycling
with a special

will be many
flies in my teeth
if he goes really fast.


  1. I love the radio man – glad he has a little room to wiggle about in there… these drawings are great – illustrated letters are a treat!

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