Holga Photos and Operator Error

After much excitment to get my latest Holga film back from processing I discover a series of operator errors.  Or rather a single operator failure gone uncorrected through most of the film.

I left the camera setting on bulb – which to those not in the know means the setting that allows to leave the lens open for as long as you like to make long exposures, for instance in darker conditions.

This means most of the film is overexposed and blurry. Very bbllluurrryy.

But some of the pictures have a surreal swimming under water feel so I’m sharing them all online anyway.

So ..

  • one successful photo of a ceiling light fitting (hmm)
  • one underexposed random looking fence (I must have had my reasons at the time)
  • a blurry meerkat with blurry meerkat baby in the middle of the frame (this could have be sooo good!)
  • penguins at Twycross Zoo
  • lots of blurry pics from the Lichfield Bower 2009 procession in May
  • one blurry wedding picture

Ah well.

 light fixture melting by rachelcreative.

seemingly random fence by rachelcreative blurry meerkats by rachelcreative

 penguins by rachelcreative.

blurry bower - morris men by rachelcreative blurry bower - guerkas by rachelcreative

blurry bower by rachelcreative blurry bower - old motorcyle by rachelcreative

blurry bower - motorcycles by rachelcreative.

 blurry bower - procession by rachelcreative blurry wedding by rachelcreative

Larger version available on Flickr

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13 comments on “Holga Photos and Operator Error
  1. cherokeebydesign says:

    The ceiling fixture is pretty awesome.


  2. cusp says:

    I love the penguin one and the wedding photo has a kind of Arbus feel to me

  3. Seb says:

    Penguins!!!! Looks like an old documentary photo from the Civil War. Kind of makes me wish the penguins were holding rifles and firing artillery.

  4. adam says:

    blurry hell! but I like the street scenes. Nice work.

  5. Mikki says:

    I love the Morris Motion – makes them look like some sort of supersonic Morris just going far too fast for the eye to see. Hey Nonny Nonny!

  6. Karen says:

    I like the light fitting – looks like my first view in the monring when I wake up …. I pretty much stay like that until I have my first cup of tea!!

  7. iheartfilm says:

    These are exquisite.

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