Human Pillow for Cat (Drawing)

This was drawn a few weeks ago after a sunny afternoon lazing on the lawn with my cat Flyman.  He used my arm and hand as a pillow.

It was actually drawn the other way up but I liked it so much better this way up that’s how I decided to show it to you.

Ink and watercolour 10″ x 10″.

200906 human pillow for cat


  1. Genius! He looks pretty happy there. Ours are strangely fond of human pillows too, especially when they can dough their little claws in good and proper…

  2. It’s nice to see Flyman’s smile. 🙂
    I’ll join the human pillow club! But mine is for dogs…

  3. That’s is just lovely – if this was me and my cat it would be more like that my hand was scratching the cat nineteen to the dozen!!

  4. Be grateful, Rachel: At least he didn’t plonk himself on top of you. And how long did you manage to stay in that position?

    Cats – on the whole – are opportunists and selfish into the bargain. I can bet my bottom dollar that if I vacate our very large sofa for one minute, say, to fetch a drink or something, on my return Bounce (all 8 kg of him) will have taken up the very spot I favour myself. If I assert my rights he will then resettle himself somewhere on my body: Who needs a hot water bottle in these temperatures? Also, he is so persistent in showing his affection it irritates the hell out of me at times.

    His mother who, thank god, keeps her distance and decorum at all times must have been a dog in a previous life. Which is a bit of a bother too – mainly when she follows me to the shops.


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