Just Four Quid Means A Lot

I want to tell you about the Just Four Quid (JFQ) campaign and my part in it.

Each week the Just Four Quid blog gives tips to save you money (with a pinch of good humour).  You’ll be able to find things to help you save lots of money over the next year and maybe you will consider donating a little of what you save to the campaign?


ME Research UK and the ME Assocation (for the Ramsay Research Fund) have joined together for the JFQ campaign to raise £1 million pounds by May 2010.  That’s just four quid for every one of the 250,000 people in the UK with ME/CFS.

Money raised will go towards furthering biomedical research into ME which is currently not receiving any funding from the UK government. Hence needing to raise money for it ourselves.

I’ve done my own digital drawing to celebrate JFQ:

just four quid

I’ve set up my own fundraising page to raise funds for ME Research JFQ.


I can’t climb a mountain or run a marathon to fundraise but I can do this.

I’ll be doing my best to contribute each week when I’m able  until May 2010.  I’m also hoping to give a little from all the money I make on my art this year.

I made a start this May donating through the main JFQ ME Research page. But I thought it would be good to now have my own fundraising page to share with you all.

I know times are getting tough.  But if you feel able to give something, or to use the money saving tips and give a little back to the campaign – thank you.

Whilst my life is severely affected by ME/CFS I maintain hope that one day I will be better and lead a full active life once more.  Research can offer insights into causes, treatments and maybe even a cure that could make that hope a reality one day.

Thanks for reading.


PS: If anyone wants to use this drawing (for free) for the campaign they can.

Please don’t edit the image without asking. Anything other than personal use (individual’s blog etc) I would like a credit please.

An even larger version is available on request rachelcreative@yahoo.co.uk

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4 comments on “Just Four Quid Means A Lot
  1. Mikki says:

    Here’s my top tip if you’re a taxpayer – donate your Just Four Quid via Give As You Earn (google for CAF). That’s how mine goes out – it means that it goes out before tax is charged. If you’re a higher rate taxpayer it means that fourteen quid into your charity account equates to a tenner less in your wages. I am in favour of the taxman making up The Four Quid.

    You then get to set up “standing orders” out of your charity account to whatever charity you want.

    I noticed on the website that they are selling their books through amazon. Well can I recommend http://www.greenmetropolis.com, which gives you lots more than Amazon as well as donating to the Woodland Trust. Hurrah!

  2. ashysheela says:

    Good luck with this rachel 🙂

    i am lucky enough to make it over the tax paying threshold and intend to donate as much as i can just to make the government pay it all back to fund research into ME – ha ha ha (evil laugh)! It is nice to see how much extra it adds to a donation to do gift aid – tick the box everyone that can!

  3. I support this as and when I can and I will try to make it so that you reach your goal as soon and as quickly as possible. I think it is a needed idea, and it is sad that it is needed but better than not going on – than you for bringing this to my attention.

    • Hi Elizabeth and thanks. I’m pretty confident that I can reach my modest target over the next year. Especially since a few people have chipped in too.

      I think you have enough on your hands! Plus you are trying to raise awareness and funds for the kittens in Japan. I’m glad to have such a good friend who wants to support me.

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