Slow Creatures on the Move

My last two paintings, both featuring slow coach creatures, are on the move!

This weekend I’m delivering the tortoise painting “Tortie” to his new home.  It’s lovely to be able to hand over a painting personally.  It’s a little nerve wracking as Tortie was a commission based on the client’s real life tortoise and although he’s seen the photographs it’s always going to look a little different in real life.  Hopefully he will be pleased!

So Tortie is all packaged up ready for the journey.  We have an opportunity to be in the area for a social function so all in all it should be a good weekend.


In other news the sloth painting is (*whisper*) finished. 

The painting part is all done.  However, there’s another 4 or 5 sessions to complete the varnishing part, which is not very exciting but crucial. 

At the moment, due the nature of the materials, some of it looks gloss and some matt, so it’s tricky to photograph in a way that does it justice.  As soon as the finish is more even and I can set up my gear I’ll take photos to share with you.

However, here’s a sneaky peek prior to the big reveal …

sloth finished sneak peek 20090630


  1. Rachel, both the tortoise and the sloth are brilliant. In fact, so brilliant I wish I had one (a tortoise that is, sloth I am perfectly able to do myself though I prefer a sofa rather than a tree). Trouble with tortoises is that, every time you look at them, they remind you of your own mortality since they will outlive you unless you inherit a very old specimen; so when writing your last will and testament the inevitable question will rear its ugly little head: Who will look after Cassiopeia when I snuff it?

    I love your work. There is always humour, the hint of a story behind the image, yet conveyed in such a to-the-point style. And that’s an art: Many can write a novel, but few manage a good SHORT story.


  2. I do love your colours. Tortoises are such interesting subjects aren’t they? My in-laws had one, but as my son said when he was little, ‘it ran off’.

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