Stay At Home Holiday (Photography)

What I did on my stay at home holiday … in pictures.  Is it a staycation or a stoliday?

Friday and the First Weekend

Visit to farm shop and cake in garden centre cafe followed by a weekend of relaxing.


Birmingham Botanical Gardens (UK) and a picnic by the bird houses.

20090713 bird cage

Loggerhead turtles …

20090713 hello turtle

… upside down jellyfish …

20090713 upside down jellyfish by you.

… and other creatures at the Birmingham Sealife Centre.

20090713 through the round window


Chester Zoo with meerkats …

20090714 meerkats and humans

… giraffes …

20090714 giraffes at chester zoo

… penguins and lots of animals I didn’t get to take photos of.

20090714 penguins by you.


Stayed local in Lichfield with a full english breakfast, look around the cathedral and cake in their coffee shop, then a visit to Erasmus the bunny in the gardens of Erasmus Darwin House …

20090715 erasmus the bunny

… a walk through town and to the library to pick up a pile of films on DVD.

20090715 lichfield

Thursday, Friday and the Weekend

A bit of shopping, trip to the cinema, a drive out and more cake in more garden centre cafes then a weekend on the sofa watching the British Open Golf.

20090714 self

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6 comments on “Stay At Home Holiday (Photography)
  1. globalinternational says:

    beautiful animals , nice photos .

  2. cusp says:

    Sounds like a nice relaxing time. Like the meerkat photo: what film/camera did you use ?

  3. Ursula says:

    Yeah, well, Rachel, leaving aside all those cakes and coffee shops (as you know I fled the country of coffee and cake faster than you can say “Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte”) there are many photos, yet more info needed: I love picnics (when I am in charge of them) – what did you have? The full works? M&S? Home made? Paul will understand: It’s the journalist in some of us who can’t stop asking questions.

    Which film did you see at the cinema? Please say “Bruno”. Why are you watching Open Golf? Is it to put you into some sort of zen like state, past caring?

    Yes, zoos, I have always loved them and offspring, nephews and nieces give a perfect excuse to visit them once more. Mind you, and maybe you feel the same, whilst it’s nice to throw a carrot to a brown bear only two meters away or see a panther close up I sometimes wonder who – morally, ethically – is on the wrong side of the fence. Maybe because I myself have a tendency to easily feel claustrophobic, and also do value my privacy, I can’t imagine what it must be like to be confined and gawped at.

    And what’s happened to Mr Creative and his blog? Did Flyman get his tongue?


    • Home made picnic – a sort of typical simple lunch al fresco. I had pate and crackers with some salad too. Quoffing pear and apple squash.

      The new Harry Potter which was very enjoyable and which we followed despite realising aftewards that we missed the previous one.

      I always hated hated hated watching golf. But I had an odd conversion a year or so ago that took everyone by surprise especially me. Suddenly it wasn’t pointless hitting a tiny ball around but kind of interesting. I do suffer from some neurological problems so maybe that explains it?

      I do love seeing the animals but also feel a bit uncomfortable about the idea at the same time. Many of the enclosures for the large animals at Chester were much larger than other places we’ve been but still.

      Mr Creative has been very busy with his day job which may explain his lack of bloggyness. Flyman has squashed, trodden and snagged many bits of him but not his tongue – yet.

  4. Seb says:

    Fun! And now it’s not just civil war penguins but civil war meerkats, haha…

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