Night Flying – Pop Up Drawing

I made this pop up drawing in a card for a friend.

It’s only the second pop up I’ve made.

The greeting card is approx 6"x4".  The drawing is on watercolour paper in ink and watercolour.

night flying by you.

night flying - detail by you.

night flying - from above by you.

night flying - from above detail by you.

The flat character doing the flying keeps reminding me of the 2D people and background from the original Paddington Bear television series.

Paddington1 Paddington2 Paddington3

I guess I can list Paddington as an influence that I hadn’t been aware of before!

Here is the pop up drawing Night Flying in motion being unfolded by me:


  1. WOW, Paddington Bear…thats a name I hadn`t heard in forever! LOL. Love the pop-up card though. So simple yet affective!

  2. I had the same thought, even while I grinned w delight. They are fantastic, feel like a natural extension of your drawings/paintings, and are definitely marketable (prototypes by you, and mass marketing by some factory) — when/if you have the time and energy.

    We didn’t have Paddington Bear on TV – bummer.

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