Bed Scene (Drawing)

200908 bed scene

Bed Scene.

Draw in ink on A6 (approx 4″x6″) then scanned and digitally coloured in Photoshop.

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5 comments on “Bed Scene (Drawing)
  1. ninacolors says:

    Ha! I thought something looked different about the color — do you like the digital coloring?

  2. severnyproductions says:

    i like it, blue is good for a bed scene picture. cool

  3. alvason says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzz I feel sleepy now …..

  4. Ursula says:

    Rachel, this will not do. It’s now been four days and you are still in the bedroom. If you need a new motive to keep your viewers entertained look no further than our very own “beast”: A huge sofa on which, with two broken wrists (bring on the violins), I have been marooned for the last fourteen days. So your creative interpretation of my sublime self pity would be greatly appreciated.

    Also Mr Creative might be able to give my resident blond angel some pointers on how to “care”. I made some unhelpful comments as to his efforts which did not go down well and will – no doubt – result in gross neglect should I ever have the stamina to limp into old age.

    Which reminds me – and I hope Flyman won’t mind: With all your interest in animals maybe, after the soothing Sloth, you might like to capture the show jumping prowess of a FLEA. Since I currently can’t gun them down – and we are one cat short for them to feast on so they eat my helpless self alive instead – there are plenty of models (of all sizes) around.

    Oh, Rachel, don’t say I am not dedicated to your art: All the above typed with my one last remaining finger.

    Sobbing yours,
    U – Apprentice Muse

    • Oh Ursula – how awful for you! I do so appreciate your taking the time to one-finger type me a comment. I hope you’re back to having the use of both hands soon so you can clip your blonde angel around the ear.

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