Good Luck Teacher (Pop-Up Drawing)

Good luck pop-up card of a teacher’s desk, chair and whiteboard for my sister-in-law who is starting new career as a teacher.

The personal handwritten greeting has been obscured.

good luck teacher - pop up card

good luck teacher - pop up card

good luck teacher - pop up card

Card is drawn in ink with watercolour and is A6 (approx 6″x4″).

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11 comments on “Good Luck Teacher (Pop-Up Drawing)
  1. cusp says:

    You should defo be marketing these (and the other two you’ve posted) or finding a company who can do it for you. They are splendid and too good to be ‘just’ for personal use. They shoudl be more widely available. You might be living with a chronic illness but boy your creative juices are still flowing. Well done !!

  2. Christ says:

    This teacher’s world, and all your pop-ups, are exquisite works of art. I love them!

  3. Paul Groves says:

    I would just like to point out that those chubby little fingers in the video belong to me and I’m available for assignments as a hand model at a reasonable day rate. Thank you.

  4. ninacolors says:

    Hooray!! Really well done. Your whimsy + perspective:-)

  5. adam says:

    So good! Lovely work, creative indeed!

  6. supercool – these cards have really opened up a sort of ‘shorter time’ creativity and I am envious, I want to collect the whole “Rachel Creative Pop-up Collection” – They look great, indeed they look happy, is it possible to have your feelings reflected in the postcards, but I feel happiness coming from them – that you like doing them, they give satisfaction. Cool.

  7. Karen says:

    This meant an awful lot to me … thank you!
    I’m so glad other people have seen it and be amazed by
    your incredible talent. I will cherish it!
    The sister-in-law

  8. Seb says:

    You need to make a D- card. D- students need encouragement and positive reinforcement as well, haha.

  9. Pixie says:

    How do you make this card?

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