Affinity Puffins (Painting)

Throughout August and September I’ve been working on this – the Affinity Puffins.

affinity puffins

A pair of puffins painted as a wedding present for friends. Puffins mate for life.

Each deep box canvas is 20cm square and in acrylics.

affinity puffins b

affinity puffins c

affinity puffins - 1

affinity puffins - 2

Here are the work in progress pictures showing how the puffins took shape.

work in progress 1 - puffin 20090805

work in progress 2 - puffin 20090805

work in progress 3 - puffin 20090805

work in progress 4 - puffin 20090806

work in progress 5 - puffin 20090817

work in progress - puffin 20090901

work in progress - puffin 20090915

puffin 20090915 - painting finished

affinity puffins


  1. We love the little pas-fines. Thanks so much for making us something truely original.

    Hopefully they won’t be back to back too often.

  2. We got our puffin thankyou cards back at the weekend too and they look really nice – can’t decide whether to send them out now or wait til next week when there might be some photos to put in them… oh decisions decisions!

    They had a border/ mount on the website which by coincidence was very close to the colours on the paintings. Top banana!

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