Christmas Cards Fly Off The Shelves

penguin pop-up xmas card pf02At the beginning of the week I launched my christmas cards and within 24 hours of listing them on my online Folksy shop all but 2 packs have sold out!  They have flown off the shelves.

I am overwhelmed and moved by the response.

All the hand drawn christmas card packs and the pop up penguin cards have sold out.

I have 2 packs of printed cards left for sale but I’ll have more of these to sell next week once I’ve got in new materials.

I may also look to do more pop up cards.

xmas card packs

In the meantime I have left one pack of my Christmas Cat and one pack of Penguin Flippers.

xmas card - penguin flippers xmas card - christmas cat

And I have a husband off to the post office with a stack of parcels.


  1. Great, great work – will you do some castles? I am every amazed at your abilities. Congrats on selling out, I hope the next lot go just as quickly – I am slightly confused though – how many animals until Xmas – Linda says the animal changes in a few days, but that it is NOT xmas – we are celebrating all things dead and zombie – yes? And in the UK, the burning of efegies (sic) and other interesting traditions like caring burning barrels. But the penquins make better postcards than barrels. Pop-ups are cool.

    1. Beth – It will be a new animal soon. Christmas is late in the animal after that. So it’s quite a time yet. I am very early with advertising my cards. Trying to be organised 😉

      Yes witches, zombies and celebrating the dead the last day of this animal.

      Bonfires and fireworks in the UK next animal.

      I’d like to do some castle towers. That was fun to do.

      I have to think up an idea to do for you today. I wonder what it will be…

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