Penguin Pop Up Cards #5-7

I’ve made new penguin pop up cards.  Here’s three which are listed in my online Folksy shop (which, by the way, I now ship internationally from).  There’s another two pop up penguin cards to follow soon as will more printed christmas cards.

It was a little tricky to control such an active lot of penguins and they kept sliding all over the place.  But they’re all now happily settled in their pop up groups!

penguin pop-up card PF05 a penguin pop-up card PF05 b
Ref PF05

penguin pop-up card PF06 a penguin pop-up card PF06 b
Ref PF06

penguin pop-up card PF07 a penguin pop-up card PF07 b
Ref PF07

Each pop up card is unique. They feature original penguin drawings on the front of each card as well as part of the pop up in the inside the cards.

They can be used as christmas cards but are blank so could be used for any occasion.

Each card is drawn in ink and coloured with watercolour. Cards are 120mm x 120mm smooth acid free 300gsm card stock and comes in a cellphane sleeve with envelope.


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