Rockpool – Pop Up Drawing

Pop up drawing/card made for a friend and inspired by her blog post about visiting the rockpools in Hawaii.

Drawn in ink and watercolour (with plastic for the water).  The card when folded is 125mm square.  Not for sale.

rockpool - pop up drawing front

rockpool - pop up drawing

rockpool - pop up drawing close up

rockpool - pop up drawing from side

rockpool - pop up drawing fish detail

Apologies for the poor video quality here. It was getting dark when I needed to film it.

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12 comments on “Rockpool – Pop Up Drawing
  1. Nina says:

    so cool!!!!!!!!! Soooooooo creative:-) I’m loving these!

  2. It is amazingly awesome – I was going to ask you to blog about it, it is so amazingly awesome. You are really gettting very, very good at this! Very, very good. Wow. So cool.

  3. adam says:

    Is there no end to the lady’s ingenuity ?? Wonderful just wonderful!

  4. cinderkeys says:

    I like this a lot.

    How does it feel to invent a new art form?

  5. theaardvark says:

    Holy cock! That is superb.

  6. Viki green says:

    Luvverly stuff 

  7. Seb says:

    Loving all your new work. this one is soooooo cool!

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