Weston Park – Holga (Photography)

enchanted weston park

I was actually in my wheelchair being pushed along this gravel path by my husband when I took this hence the soft (ahem) focus. Ugh I hate gravel paths – pretty to look at, hell to traverse. I never did write and complain that they didn’t give a disabled/carer concession yet most of their ground were inaccessible. Pretty but difficult

weston park gravel path

weston park columns

At Weston Park, Shropshire

Taken with Holga FN.

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10 comments on “Weston Park – Holga (Photography)
  1. Jozephine says:

    This is quite near where I live. I like the soft focus effect and the B&W. No, not great for wheelchairs.

  2. kseverny says:

    wonderful shots.
    The place looks rather grand

  3. Hi Rachel. I felt like I was stepping back in time, looking at your photographs. The top one has a haunting feel about it. Nice work, dispite the gravel stone traverse.

  4. Oh my god, wonderful, they remind me of the sepia postcards of cambridge – the Holga does good work, and I am delighted to see the pictures!

  5. The Holga really is like a magical box sometimes the way it transforms the world. I do so love it.

  6. alvason says:

    I think I can see what fun it must be to use. Fine pics!

  7. tigerelly says:

    Awesome shots!! Will be adding you to my roll to see more of your Holga shots!!

  8. John William Brown says:

    These remind me of photos I took as a child with my Brownie Kodak Box camera. Except these have a softer focus which all goes to get those very moody effects. So what is Holga? Hang on that rings a bell arey old Soviet Union cameras that I heard a programme about last year?

  9. rosjoy says:

    WOW!! Stunning!

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Rachel Groves, Artist
Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK