Tortoise Print Features on Twinklespangle Blog

My tortoise print has been featured on Twinklespangle’s blog

I love cute, brightly coloured prints, and this lovely tortoise sums up my mind right now! I’m being so slow about making my decision, and getting so worried about it, that maybe I should buy this print to remind me that “slow and steady wins the race…”

Not forgetting that this is a very determind tortoise 🙂


  1. Uber-cool!!! Too bad her blog is so badly designed; you can’t read a thing:-( What decision??? Guess I’ve been out of the loop.

  2. Excellente! I agree with Nina though about the readability of the blog. It’s the worst I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a few. Usability was my forte when I was working in website design. Love the tortoise though. Still have your valentine hearts on our bedroom mantlepiece. 😉

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