Second Life ME/CFS Art Exhibition

ME/CFS AwarenessI’ve been approached to exhibit some work about ME/CFS in Second Life at the ME/CFS Centre.  This is part of their activites for International ME/CFS Awareness in May.

If any other artists are interested in showing their creative work featuring their experiences of ME/CFS then I’ve written a blog post about how to contact them over at Chronic Artists

ME CFS Awareness WhiteBack SmallWhile I’m talking about International ME/CFS Awarness in May don’t forget you can blog for ME/CFS anytime during May and there’s a blog I’m looking after which tells you more

 I keep spotting the awareness ribbon which was drawn by me back in 2007 all over the place – on blogs and websites, used as people’s avatars and backgrounds … even in the ME Association newsletter. Each time I see the ribbon somewhere new it makes me pause and then think “Ooh! I made that!”.  It’s a good feeling to have given something away is useful and used by so many people.


  1. Thanks for posting this, Rachel. Hadn’t heard a word abt it:-) Wonder if many folks w CFS/ME do Second Life? Never tried it myself, but I’ll check out contributing.

  2. Hi Rachel–Can the artwork be a photo sent in of the piece? Just in case you didn’t read my comment on your thread on FB–I love my ME/CFS ribbon. It reminds me everyday that I’m doing something with a community of others doing something about ME/CFS, and that feels good! Hope you’re feeling as well as possible –Kerry

    1. Hi Kerry

      I’m sure it can. Just drop Kirsty an email and she’ll be able to tell you K.Best [at]

      Thanks – I’m so pleased you love your ribbon 🙂 Part of making and sharing it was exactly as you say so that as individuals we can feel we’re not alone. To feel strengthened that though our once voice may be small together we can be heard.

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