Pinball Me (Drawing)

Drawn in ink with watercolour. A5 (approx 6×8 inches)
pinball me by you.
Drawn a few weeks ago.  Seemed to be so much going on without my brain managing to organise my thoughts thanks to ME/CFS.  But with the bear copy drama, the political debates, house stuff and lots more it could still apply.
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4 comments on “Pinball Me (Drawing)
  1. ninacolors says:

    Terrific! and I know the feeling:-) Did you have to do historical research on pinball machines? I believe they stopped making them abt the time you were born. LOL. But I used to be quite good at bumping w the hip, while still preventing the TILT!

    I think this image would be wonderful at our Second Life site.

  2. cinderkeys says:

    No way to work the flippers, no way to control when the ball comes out. Good drawing … I’m getting claustrophobic looking at it.

  3. Mary says:

    Ouch. Yes.

  4. Jo says:

    You’re a pinball wizard! This image tells me about the relentlessness of it.

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