Spin ME – for Creative For A Second

Spin ME – a mechanical drawing for Creative for a Second project


Part of Journal #4

Around the outside of the wheel are symptoms of my ME (although I didn’t have near enough space to write them all down) with me stuck in the middle.

Spin ME 04

Video of spin action

Spin ME 05

Spin ME 01

Spin ME 02

Spin ME 03

I’m really pleased I managed to come up with a mechanism to make the spin work as this was the piece I really wanted to do for the project, along with the pop up Tangled ME.

Perhaps I should do a life size version as I might be able to fit all the symptoms of my ME on then …. hmmmm ….

Drawn in ink with watercolour.

The page is 14.5cm x 13cm

Creative For A Second

This is part of the 2nd project from Creative for a Second where 6 travelling art journals are making their way around the world and people with ME are adding their creative works to the pages.

Entitled “Creative for a Second or Two” the aim is for work from the journals to be exhibited to co-incide with ME/CFS Awareness Day May 12th 2011

Partipicants come from all over the world including Australia, USA and Europe. All have ME/CFS and contributions can be drawn, painted, stitched, written, photographed or just about anything else you can create to sit in the pages of a journal.

The Facebook group is where people are posting up pictures and videos are their work in the journals and new friendships are emerging from this great collaborative project.

www.creativeforasecond.com is the official site but there’s not much info on this 2nd project on there at the moment. 

1 Comment

  1. Hi Rachel, by coincidence I found your blog on Google. I’m a ME-patient too and I’m also trying do be creative when my body let’s me to 😉
    I participated on the first book Creative for a second. Did you to? And was there another project of that kind?
    I really like your work. It really expresses how I feel and I think you make a clear message with it to the people that do not understand what ME stands for and what it means for the patients who have to live with it. How are you now and what of treatments did you have / do to feel of get any better?
    Greetings & love,
    Hester from the Netherlands

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