New (Secret) Commission – Codename Double R

I’m working on a new painting but it’s a commission which is a secret as the client will be giving it as a gift.

Here’s one of the corners at this early stage in the painting going by the codename of Double R.

secret commission double r by you.
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6 comments on “New (Secret) Commission – Codename Double R
  1. ashysheela says:

    I am imagining kingfishers seeing that blue – sure it is nothing of the sort. Prize to who guesses what it is? 😉 hope it is going well anyway!

  2. ninacolors says:

    Hmmmm – I think it looks more indigo bunting:-)

  3. Mikki says:

    Double “R”? Is this a cryptic way of saying it’s a painting of arse?
    I’m intrigued…..

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