Holga Film Swap with Ashy – Summer 2010

So ashysheela and I did a film swap with our Holga’s and here are the results.  Ashy took some beautiful coastal photographs.  A lot of the exposures were so perfect my double exposure didn’t show through.  But on the few that did there’s some interesting results.

Holga Ashy Film Swap 012 Holga Ashy Film Swap 011 Holga Ashy Film Swap 010 recycle your boat : Holga Ashy Film Swap 009

skoda boat : Holga Ashy Film Swap 008 Holga Ashy Film Swap 007 Holga Ashy Film Swap 006 chain link fenced seaweed : Holga Ashy Film Swap 005

Holga Ashy Film Swap 004 newsagent shore : Holga Ashy Film Swap 003 Holga Ashy Film Swap 002 well dressing seaside : Holga Ashy Film Swap 001

This is the full set but I’ll only blog the colloborative ones where my exposure shows through and I’ll let Ashy show off her own work herself 🙂  The seaside/coastal exposures are Ashy’s and the urban ones are mine.

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2 comments on “Holga Film Swap with Ashy – Summer 2010
  1. alvason says:

    lovely work, great collaboration – would love to see you persevere with this creative concept!

    best wishes

  2. I like the kelp/fence and the W.H. Smith – I would have to say that with the kelp/fence it is the aspect of randomness (kelp) which we are flashed, conscious or not, that there IS an underlying connection and bond to it, like seeing atoms, or the fractal aspects, through the flash image of the fence.


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