Thinking Thinking Thinking (Drawing)

Well it’s been a while since I’ve made a drawing let alone a drawing like this – a compilation of stuff swirling around my brain that day.
thinking thinking thinking

27 September 2010

Ink with watercolour. A6 (approx 6″x4″)

And oddly when I picked up my sketchbook to make this drawing and flicked back through the pages I found the start of a similar drawing from earlier in the year which had some of the same themes – although perhaps some in a different light.
old thoughts

Ink. A6.

Old thoughts. Is it losses or preoccupations or worries or wants? I can’t remember and I never finished or titled it then. Another mystery of the mind and the pen.


  1. You sure have a couple of interesting constructions there …

    Weird coincidence – earlier today, I found the start of a drawing in an old notebook – can’t figure what it is, except I am beginning to think it might be a kitchen sink with a pan in it! What was I thinking of???

    I’m going to make a blog post about it for fun.

    Best wishes

  2. I can see vacation stuff in there, and I like compilations like this, as they are like a snapshot of a real brain, the sort of winding thinking that happens while waiting for sleep or staring into the rain. I am wondering about the broad paintbrush, and the face in the twist (is that you in a sleeping bag? You in a Mobius strip?).

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