Simon and Kate Wedding Photos Holga Style

simon and kate wedding

Back in late August on a glorious sunny day my brother Simon married the lovely Kate at Erasmus Darwin House in Lichfield and I was able to take some photos with my Holga.

I used true black and white film for the first time and I also took some 35mm film through my Holga (complete with sprocket holes).

Kate made beautiful bunting …

wedding bunting

… did all the flowers …

jam jars of flowers

… made gorgeous cupcakes / fairy cakes looking fantastic with the vintage china they both collected in the months before the wedding

fairy cakes and vintage china

I used the inbuilt flash on my Holga for most of the indoor shots and I made a diffuser out of an opaque film cannister which I taped onto the flash. You can just about see it in this picture on me with Mr Creative taken in the hallway of Erasmus Darwin house

me with mr creative reflected

My first experiment with 35mm film in the Holga with sprocket holes was a mixed affair – mainly because I forgot to adjust my framing and I didn’t wind the film on far enough. But I love the overlapping exposure on this photo

sprocket dance with overlapping exposure

It was a fantastic day. A perfect wedding for a wonderful couple.

simon and kate wedding

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2 comments on “Simon and Kate Wedding Photos Holga Style
  1. These are some of my favourite photos of a perfect day.

    Thank-you! 🙂

  2. Cusp says:

    Arent these marvellous ! So atmospheric. I love the one with the flowers on the window sill especially. Images to be treasured for ever. Congrats…to you …and the happy couple

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