Festive Crafts Dabbling

I’ve been dabbling with fabric for some Christmas crafting to brighten up our home and tree.  Sometimes I’m following patterns and other times I’m using them as inspiration to make my own pieces that look like my own style.

I’ve made two birds from the spool pattern. The first in red with gingham and the second I did some freehand embroidery (my first attempt at embroidery really) to cheer it up. I added ribbons to their backs so I could hang them on the Christmas tree

spool bird - red gingham 02

spool bird - red gingham 01

spool bird - red gingham 04

spool bird #2

spool bird #2

The first thing I made was this little felt gingerbread man which I cut from a freehand pattern. He’s only about 8cm tall which made it a bit fiddly and I think I need to practice my embroidery!

felt gingerbread man for tree

Then I made an ice skate out of felt again with a freehand pattern but inspired by Rosy Little Thing’s pattern (which is a hundred times neater than mine!)

It’s around 10cm long and 7.5cm high.  It’s not stiff enough to stand up like this on it’s own – it is supported by pins (the magic of photography!).  I’ve now added some ribbon to the top of the boot so it will hang on the tree.

I didn’t have any grey felt so I embroidered the blade.  Unfortunately the blade isn’t quite stiff enough.  I did put some interfacing in the blade but I think if I did again I would lightly stuff it.  The embroidery I thought would stiffen it more but has made it a bit more prone to twisting over.  Oh well! I’m still pretty pleased with how it turned out.

ice skate felt decoration 01

ice skate felt decoration 03

I’m in the process of making a small version of this cute felt gingerbread house and also a Tilda santa doll from Tone Finnanger’s Christmas gifts book.  I’m hoping to make some kind of banner/garland sometime over Christmas if I can. I bought all this fabric off ebay so I had better get some use out if it!

I’ve wanted traditional and unique things to decorate with for ages and now I’m  making up for it 🙂

And I’ve made a few paperchains – this one from recycled wrapping paper.

recycled paper chain

There’s another from coloured A4 paper and one recycled from leaflets and a Dorito’s packet (shiney silver!) which I haven’t taken photos of yet but will be on my Flickr at some point.

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