Day One 2011 – A 365 Daily Photograph Project

Today is mainly about telly – as are lots of lazy weekends.

Beginning a new photography project to take a picture every day throughout 2011.

1/365 new years day

I’ll be capturing life in general & looking to try and be creative with my photography where possible – bearing in mind that I am mainly housebound so have limited scope of subject matter and sometimes illness limits my ability to do very much.

It will be interesting to see how much life has changed (or not) since I did my first 365 daily photo project of self portraits in 2007/8.  Especially now I’ve been on LDN a new medication for a year and feel it has helped with my illness and energy levels. Plus I haven’t been doing as much photography (digital or otherwise) in a creative sense on a regular basis for a while now.

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3 comments on “Day One 2011 – A 365 Daily Photograph Project
  1. ashysheela says:

    How exciting! Not just self-portraits this time – are you mixing it up a little? I like this first image – all sparkly and festive, with cheeky Lenny poking his head up!

    • I was trying to not get Lenny in 😉 Yes not just self portraits this time although I’m sure there will be some. Feeling a bit daunted by the commitment but also insterested to see how it all turns out. Suspect a lot of days will be more about documenting than being super creative.

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