Emu (Painting)

I can now share one of the secret commissioned paintings I was working on during late 2010. The client commissioned two pieces and this is the first “Emu”.

I worked really hard to avoid my emu looking like Rod Hull’s Emu (with which I’m sure my British readers are familiar with).


emu 02

WIP #0 – Pencil lines for Emu

emu WIP #0

WIP #1 – Lines painted in

emu WIP #1

WIP #2 – First layers on emu and background

emu WIP #2

WIP #3 – More layers for background and emu

emu WIP #3

WIP #4 – More shading and blending, some adjustment to eyelashes – changes to beak meeting forehead and eye shape also required

emu WIP #4

WIP #5 – Completed painting

emu WIP #5 FINAL

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