Daily Photos: Days #1 to #10

10/365 princess bride 10   9/365 sleepless solitaire 9

8/365 little prince 8   7/365 packages letters cards 7

6/365 pj day (again) 6   5/365 bubble wrap one window 5

4/365 self reflected3/365 first jack reacher book3 2/365 a TENS sort of a day1/365 new years day 1

10/365 Princess Bride – Reading The Princess Bride which I think has instantly become one of my favourite books ever.  By happy co-incidence when I picked it off the shelf to start reading on Sunday the film was also on television that afternoon.  I’ve loved the film since I was a teenager and now finally I love the book too.
10 January 2011

9/365 Sleepless Solitaire – Ugh. Trouble getting to sleep then woken by my tummy/guts at 4am. Took some medicine, checked internet on my phone and played solitaire on my Nintendo DS while I waited to fell a bit better so I could lie down again to sleep. Taken on my cell/mobile phone Samsung Tocco Lite S5230 on night setting (autofocus on my digitial compact a bit noisy when hubbie asleep next to me!)
9 January 2011

8/365 Little Prince – Read The Little Prince today for the first time. What a weird book!  I felt like a total philistine afterwards :/ Finished it in bed which is when this photo was taken – with my clip on reading light which I love
8 January 2011

7/365 Packages Letters Cards – Sorting some post to mail – a letter, some cards and a package.  This is my address book which I have for longer than I can remember.  A really cheap little address book I got one Chrismtas I think – still going strong.  It’s sitting on the card/letter I was writing to a friend where I was telling her about this 365 project.
7 January 2011

6/365 PJ Day (Again) – Another PJ day. Struggling this week with my ME/CFS. January always seems to be a bit of a bust – post Christmas and NYE busy excitement I guess.
6 January 2011

5/365 Bubble Wrap One Window – One of my main views of the outside world – the window by my bed. Bubble wrapped window – insulation for the winter.
Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK
5 January 2011

4/365  Self Reflected – Reflection in mirror with faithful Canon Ixus I Zoom. I’m weary today and I can see that from my eyes (ME/CFS)
4 January 2011

3/365  First Jack Reacher Book – I’m reading the first Jack Reacher book “Killing Floor” by Lee Child and I’m really enjoying it.  It’s one of those books I find myself in absent moments thinking when can I read the next bit.
3 January 2011

2/365  A TENS Sort of Day – Recovering from festivities and late night on New Year’s Eve 2nd January was a TENS kind of day.  This time shoulder and neck for tension/pain/headaches.
2 January 2011

1/365  New Years Day – Today is mainly about telly – as are lots of lazy weekends. Beginning a new photography project to take a picture every day throughout 2011.  I’ll be capturing life in general – looking to try and be creative with my photography where possible – bearing in mind that I am mainly housebound so have limited scope of subject matter and sometimes illness limits my ability to do very much.
1 January 2011

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2 comments on “Daily Photos: Days #1 to #10
  1. cinderkeys says:

    The Little Prince might make more sense if you read it as a kid, as I did. More of a tendency to suspend disbelief about asteroids with an atmosphere that can sustain little boys and roses. 🙂

  2. Princess Bride is a good book, I hope they have the intro about how his father read it to him in there. I thought it was a postcard, and thought it smashing. I try to read the little prince often, because it so encapsulates everything – sometimes I feel like the lamplighter, not wanting to look too hard at ‘why do I do this’, sometimes I meet the beurocrats, I am the fox, I think, too curious and trusting to live in a human world. But then I think I am the rose and linda the little prince. Perhaps because I grew up in a place where metaphor was all there was makes it easy to understand, as for me it is a book in which the truth of things is boiled down to the most simple essense, and even the book itself is easy to read in size. I am often asking Linda for sheep in boxes, don’t you ask for that, the reassurance of a comfort? It seems a book that can move from art life to disability life easily. I hope you end up liking bits of it.

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